The reference book

Here is what has been missing !

Since the Grenelle Environment Bill, the concept of functional service economics has widely spread. The macroeconomic advantages appear increasingly evident.

Still many questions remain unanswered:

  • Why, profoundly and exhaustively, is the functional service economy emerging? 
  • What does functional service economy consist in?
  • Is everything that has been said up to now to be reused?
  • May my company, my organisation, through its activity and business sector switch to this economic model?
  •     If yes, how should I go about it?


“The Key to renewal thanks to the crisis ;

Functional service economics:

Instructions for business leaders


ems-éditions ; 154 pages ; 19,50 €

Published in September 2012


Preface by Christian Blanc, this book covers macroeconomics as the crisis is the foundation of the emergence of the functional service economy; however from the second chapter onwards the book covers all conceptual questions and practices than enable to answer the fundamental question: “can I apply this new economic model and if so, how?”